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"American Airlines Very Disapointing Service"

October 18, 2015

We booked first class flights and aside from sitting at the front of the plane, everything else was average. The most unbelievable thing is that first class seats DO NOT even get you entry to the American Airlines lounge. Seriously? Top dollar and they can't even let you into a lounge for a free beer and chips? I will go out of my way to not fly with them again.

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Departure City: Denver Colorado

Destination City: Los Angeles

Would you recomend this airline to your friends and family: No

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Rating Criteria

1 Star = Appalling don't risk your life

2 Stars = Better than riding a donkey

3 Stars = Not bad I can't wait till I can fly business class

4 Stars = Enjoyed the flight and would recommend to my friends & family

5 Stars = Excellent flight, next best thing to a private jet

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