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7 Tips On Finding The Best Flight Deals


7 Tips On Finding The Best Flight Deals

November 22, 2015

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Flight deals may help largely in determining the expenses of any travel. There is nothing better than finding deals that slash your overall cost and help you to spend more on other things. Although it can be difficult for anyone who does not have enough time or patience to find a good deal, there are some simple ways that will certainly help you to reduce your cost. Here are 7 tips on finding the best flight deals for your holidays.

#1 Investigate

A thorough research should be the first line of action if your are planning to find deals that save money. Depending on your location and itinerary, find out which airlines suits you best. There can be some airlines that may offer unnecessary stoppage and change of flights that may cost you more. They may also take more time than the direct flights. Do not book tickets if it is not necessarily required. Also, find out which airlines offer seats at a lower price. Some airlines may provide high-quality travel with added luxury. If you can travel without the dash of luxury, try to book flights with cheaper airlines. In addition to this, know if the airline you book flights provide deals to eat free of cost on board meals. If not, you may consider carrying your own meals. Buying on board meals can cost heavy on your pockets, especially if you are travelling in a huge group.

#2 Look for the right time

Another way to get airline deals is to look for the right time to book tickets. Airlines have altering rates for different dates. This is just to fill up their seats. You may get the same seats at a higher price on certain days of the week while the prices may get slashed for other days. Although the prices are difficult to predict beforehand, there are some travel booking sites that can predict the prices for your flight. is one such website that can predict when the prices go down for your itinerary. Planning your holidays early may also help you to get best deals on flights. Most airlines offer attractive prices to fill up their seats if you book months before your travel date. Bookings done too late may also reduce costs as some seats may be available at a very low cost just a few hours before the departure of the flight. But for this you have to wait till the end and even miss out the chance to get the flight.

#3 Be flexible

Flexibility with dates and airports may help you to get better deals on flights. If you stay in an area where there are more than one airport located, you may try to buy tickets with the one having the lowest fare. The fares among different airports may differ greatly and it would be a mistake not to check with them. Being flexible with dates may also help you to grab flight deals that are laid for special days. For example, you may get cheaper seats on Tuesdays and Thursdays as compared to other days of the week. If you are flexible enough with dates, find the cheapest fare to book your tickets. 

#4 Save on baggage cost

Excess baggage can make you spend more. It is essential to find out the maximum limit per person and carry things that are absolutely necessary. Check the weight of your baggage before leaving you home. In case you are travelling with a carry-on baggage, make sure it fits the measurements published by the airlines. While most airlines charge heavily for checked and carry-on baggage some may provide deals to slash off that fee. Surf over the travel websites if there is any flight offering such deals. You may also talk with individual airlines office to know about any baggage fee and rules.

#5 Use rewards

If you are a frequent flier you may redeem your reward points; such as the "frequent flier miles". If you have enough points, you may use them while booking your next flight. The points are easily redeemable, especially if you are booking seats early. Most airlines have limited seats that are eligible for the redemption and acting smartly can definitely help you grab the deal. 

#6 Group bookings

If you are travelling in a group, you may get special discounts on your booking. A number of reputed airlines provides great flight deals when you are doing a group booking. Since you are booking in bulk, they provide seats are a relatively lower cost. Talk with separate airlines, if they can provide you special discounts for group bookings. If you do not get any such deal for a specific date, you must check if individual seat booking is costing you less than the group booking. Always check if a certain airline will refund your money for the seats booked if the prices go down. Even though some airlines refund the difference in money, they never publish about it. It is best to ask them for a refund if the prices go down, especially if you're doing a group booking. In this way, you will be able to save a large amount of money.

#7 Check for online deals

Online deals are a good way to grab the best flight deals available. Most travel booking sites nowadays offer great discounts on the flight as well as hotel booking. You can avail even more discount if you book both flight and hotels at the same time. It not only reduces the hassle of finding accommodation when you reach another place but also reduces cost. Hover through various travel sites and find which site is giving you deals with the flight you want. Buy the one that best fits your needs and of course budget. It is recommended to check once with the airline site before buying from travel websites. There are some airlines that offer best prices at their own sites. 

Besides the above tips on finding the best flight deals, it is also important to consider the off-season time to go for holidays, if you really want to save money. Off-season rates are much lower than peak time charges of the airlines and you may get best deals during this time of the year. Also, check if a place you are visiting provides an air pass for tourists to visit their place. Some countries provide such pass to facilitate tourism in their region. It is always best to plan accordingly and have enough time in hand to book flights patiently and get fabulous flight deals to reduce the cost of your trip.

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