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Top things you must have before embarking on your dream holiday


With your holiday flights and hotel booked in advance, your luggage should be the last thing that can stop you from enjoying a great holiday. You can easily avoid a holiday disaster by having a following a packing and travel checklist tips. Every holiday destination is unique and therefore you must prepare a new list of things you should take along. As you prepare your list, there are a “must have’s” things that are very important regardless of your dream holiday destination. We will share with you some of the items that you must carry when going for your holiday. The following checklist will help you to prepare for your dream holiday before your leave.

• Visa Card

Each holiday presents amazing experience and astonishing moment. Make sure you are not the one left on the side, while you family and friends experience these opportunities. Plan your holiday well and remember to take two bank cards, preferably a MasterCard and a Visa Card since they’re widely accepted. One of the cards should be kept purely for safety reasons. It’s important to take some cash with you. It comes in handy in some of the destinations, for example when you want to buy small gifts or a cold drink and card payment is not allowed. Save enough money before you embark on your holiday.

• Come with your Camera

One of the most important things to include in your pack is a good camera to help capture all unforgettable moments. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, exploring an idyllic city in Italy or enjoying the African wilderness, you will definitely need to capture those special moments. Leave your bulky camera behind and take a small camera because it will save much space in your backpack. It’s a good idea to include a USB drive to help as a back up to your valuable photos and also create more space.

• Upload weather App on your Smartphone

It’s possible to make mistakes especially if it’s your first time to travel, since you tend to think that everything you plan to pack will fit in your backpack. This is quite common with many travelers who end up disappointed because they’ve to pay extra fee for their overweight baggage at the check-in counter. It’s not a fun way to begin your trip. Two days before you go for holiday, check the weather just to be sure that you have carried the right clothes. Remember to leave a room in your bag for the gifts that may want to buy during your holiday. 

• Comfortable walking shoes

These are great items to have in your bag, as you expect to do a lot of walking during your holiday. We all love to explore the unknown when on holiday, isn’t that the reason why we love travelling? It’s fun to download a health app on your Smartphone to help you count your daily steps. You will definitely be amazed by the number of km/miles you will cover every day.

• A diary and a pen

We all feel overwhelmed when visiting a new country and it can be disappointing when you can’t remember the names of some of the places you visited or forgetting the juicy details of things you enjoyed. It’s a great idea to have a journal, since it will be exciting to read it later after some years.

• Necessary documentation

Some of the travel documentation that you should carry includes flight tickets, travel insurance, passports, ID books, and booking confirmations among others. It’s important to make the copies these documents before you start your trip and remember to include a few passport photos. No anyone like being stranded in unfamiliar place simply because you have lost your passport. The best thing to do is to personally hold all your originals and safely keep all the copies in your baggage. A small zip lock bag will help to keep your documents in your hand luggage. 

• Travel pillow

Sometimes traveling can leave you with a painful neck, especially if you’re traveling for long hours on the plane and you happen to sleep at an awkward angle before you reach your dream destination. Now, that where a travel pillow can help! There are different types of pillow available for anyone planning to fly for long hours. Some of these pillows are made with memory foam, tension-easing beads or strategically-placed cushion. Travel pillows can bring comfort to your long journey. Most of these pillows are U-shaped with covers that cleaned using washing machine, which make them feel fresh anytime you plan to travel for your holiday. There different sizes that you can select from for your family.

• Mini medic kit

Have a small medical kit that will add weight and take a lot of space in your baggage. This kit should include cold/flu pills, plaster/band aids, anti-biotic cream, pair of scissors and painkillers. After traveling for long hours, you might find yourself dealing with headaches. 

• Sunglasses and sunblock

These items are very important especially if you’re travelling during the summer season. Remember your skin might be used to the hot sun and the last thing you want to have sunburn. Have your sunscreen products in order to enjoy your day out on the beach with your family. Finally, you’re not cool without your sunglasses!

• Mosquito cream

It can be irritating when you’re woken up in wee hours of the night by that annoying sound of a mosquito. They can easily spoil your fun; therefore remember to carry your mosquito cream. This item is very important if you’re traveling to Asia or Africa. You might also consider carrying some malaria medicine before you embark on your journey.

• Carry the map of your destination and phone numbers of your accommodation

The first thing to begin with before you leave is to familiarize yourself with the place you’re tending to visit. This will give you more confidence when you arrive to this unknown place. Therefore it’s good to carry a map to help you get around your destination.


The best advice is to pack light when travelling for your holiday. They say, less is always more! We are live modern world where everything you is available on your doorstep. Therefore pack wisely and you are good to go.


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