Where Can Regular Travelers Find Frequent Rental Car Deals?

Where Can Regular Travelers Find Frequent Rental Car Deals?

When traveling from destination to destination, the average person doesn't travel by automobile. Our personal vehicles are reserved for day trips and the occasional road trip that's not too far. Otherwise, most people prefer flying because it's convenient and cost-effective for traveling long distances. Automobiles are often left at home, or they only make it as far as the airport's multi-day parking lot, untouched until travelers return from traveling. 

So, what options do travelers have for getting around their destination cities? 

Sure, an individual or group could rely upon public transportation. Every city features its own public transportation system, but some cities are severely lacking in this department. Nothing is worse than traveling on cramped buses or slow railways. To avoid this problem, travelers might consider hailing a cab whenever necessary, and that's a fine idea. Nothing beats the freedom of renting a car or truck and controlling our own path, though. A rental car is the best travel solution while away from home.


For starters, rental cars are available in virtually all major cities and towns worldwide. If an individual is traveling in a tourist destination, then rental car availability is guaranteed. Most travelers won't experience difficulties finding a car to rent, and a foreign license is often enough to secure a ride. With a vehicle, each person chooses where he or she travels without having to worry about following a strict schedule or depending upon someone else for a lift. Convenience and self-determination are the main draws here.

Aren't Rentals Expensive?

Prices for renting a vehicle vary from country to country and city to city. Then again, the main factors that affect prices are type of vehicle chosen and local demand for rentals. A ton of other factors come into play, but supply and demand often explains high prices in one city and low prices in another. Certain cities are indeed known for having high rental costs and fees. Still, travelers can utilize various tactics to avoid spending too much on a rented vehicle. High costs are avoidable more often than not. 

Consider the following tips and tricks for finding rental car deals, regardless of location: 

Tip #1: Book All Travel Accommodations Through The Same Agency/Broker.

Before leaving for a trip, travelers need to secure airfare and hotel accommodations. Most people use a travel agency or a travel website to make reservations for each accommodation. The average agency or travel site offers discounts for booking multiple accommodations at once through that particular service, though. By adding a rental car to a flight and hotel stay, it's possible to acquire a small discount on all three expenses. Discounts aren't always available, but it never hurts to check for them. 

Tip #2: Look For Employee Discounts And Sales or Promotions

Employers ranging from small businesses to gigantic corporations sometimes offer travel discounts to their employees. In some cases, these discounts are available to everyone, including entry-level workers. When reserving a rental vehicle online, travelers should look for any available employee discounts and check to see whether their employer is listed. Another common tactic involves seeking out discounts and promotions that are available to all travelers, which are listed online or at the rental company's location. 

Tip #3: Choose A Rental Company That's Not Close To An Airport.

Hotels, rental companies, and even restaurants often charge higher prices in close proximity to major airports. Since these businesses are so close to travel hubs, they can get away with charging more. Savvy travelers can head out a few miles away from the airport and find more affordable products and services. Sometimes, these prices differences are large, especially for things like rental cars. One location next to the airport might charge 50% more per day than a location that's 10 miles away from that same airport!

Also, it should be noted that local taxes and fees are usually higher in the immediate surroundings of an airport. 

Tip #4: Prepay For The Rental Car Before Picking It Up.

Prepaying is a popular option for hotels in which future guests save large sums by paying in advance. Fortunately, the same type of deal is often available for car rentals, too. Travelers can prepay in advance of their pickup date and save 10-30% on the overall rental charge. Most rental businesses offer this opportunity, whether we're talking about companies in Europe or Asia or America. For prepaying, rental services reward travelers with discounts because they receive the money upfront. 

Note that the prepayment is often forfeited in the event that the reservation is cancelled.

Tip #5: Book The Rental For Longer That It's Actually Needed.

Obviously, this sounds like travelers would end up paying more money with this tactic. The fact of the matter is that car rental services tend to offer discounts for longer reservations. Total discounts can sometimes make the overall cost for a one-week rental cost less than a two-day rental. In most places, this will depend upon the time of year and how high demand is for rentals. A longer reservation could fetch an immediate discount, and companies often list the total cost ahead of time for comparison's sake. 

Where else are rental car deals available? 

Rental car deals are available to the smartest travelers, and they're often available all the time. Some businesses might state that negotiating prices isn't an option, but they tend to lie about that. Therefore, travelers should attempt to negotiate for either a lower rate or a cost-effective vehicle upgrade. A little bit of haggling can benefit both renter and rentee in this situation. It doesn't hurt to simply ask about rental car deals at a given business while traveling domestically and abroad. 

In the end, savvy travelers can find ample rental car deals in all tourist destinations on the planet. Clever and knowledgeable travelers can create their own deals by negotiating down the price or taking advantage of countless other tactics. The previously mentioned tips can help any and all travelers lower their rental car fees while traveling. Luckily, these tips apply in the United States, France, Japan, and every other country on the Earth. Nobody needs to travel and pay full price for rental vehicles!


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