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November 22, 2015

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A travel supermarket is a one-stop-shop for all your travel requirements. As such it focuses on helping travellers find, compare and even book Flights online. By partnering with prominent travel agencies in your intended travel destination, such a supermarket is able to embrace state-of-the-art technology and hence finding the cheapest flights available online. Additionally, these supermarkets enable you to find and book accommodation-bed and breakfast as well as self-catering apartments-and hotels. They also make it possible to inquire about some great holiday packages. Just like the ordinary supermarkets, travel supermarkets aim to bring you a variety of deals and offers, all at wonderful prices, enabling you to travel more for less. 


The advantage of this form of travel agent is that it reflects the convenience of its high street counterpart. The implication of this is that you have an amazing avenue of searching and comparing prices of a wide variety of prominent package holidays within one website. Even more interestingly is the fact that you have the power to book your preferred package online at the comfort of your living room. Checking prices in one locality before going elsewhere to book will be a thing of the past.


Using very powerful software, these travel agents capture preferences across their many request platforms and thereafter present the suitable offers, products and destinations real time. Coupled with a competent team, your request, regardless of the number of request arriving at such agencies’ website, will be acted on with utmost speed. 

Saves money

Airlines can stretch your expenses with their extra charges while holidaying, in addition to buying the overpriced food at the airport, something that will definitely cripple you financially. Travel supermarkets will enable you to avoid such extra expenses by offering you options to book your accommodation and travel means via other means which are often cheaper and with no extra charges. In this regard, the supermarkets will enable you save a lot of money.

International Money transfer service

Prominent travel supermarkets offer attractive international money transfer services where money can be transferred to overseas bank accounts in less than 3 days. With amazingly commission free service for transfers exceeding a certain value, in addition to competitive exchange rates, you are assured of irresistible deals and substantial savings compared to money brokers and banks.

Find you unique and exciting places to stay

Online travel agencies point out to you the option of staying in a real home, which is far much less restricting, more fun and nicer than staying in a hotel-besides you do not have to queue for a seat during peak seasons, check in or wait for hours for a drink to be served. Other interesting features of real homes include warm welcome as opposed to a reception desk. Online travel agents make your travel feel like spending time with friends, thanks to their many interesting options to choose from.

Tips on making your booking safer

1.   Always book a ATOL (Air Tour Operator’s License) protected trip

It is necessary to book for as much as possible of your travel requirements with one company which issues an invoice to cover the total cost of your travel. Make sure the company holds ATOL from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) so as to sell such basis. ATOL requires all holders to assure clients that should the company in any of their travel destination fail to deliver; full refund is made making it possible for you to continue in your trip abroad when one player fails to meet its end of the bargain. Besides, if any part of your trip goes wrong, the ATOL holder has the responsibility of fixing it out for you.

2.   Use a credit card to pay for your travel

In the event that you cannot book your trip under ATOL, pay for all your transactions by credit card, regardless of whether you are booking direct or via travel agent. This will serve as a protection under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, section 10. Nonetheless, you may have to pay credit card charges while booking which will add cost to your travel. The charges are worth the trouble, though. Visa debit cards are also offering users protection should any company go under. Paying by cash, bank transfer, cheque, credit card or prepaid/electronic cards, on the other hand, do not receive the cover the act when something go wrong. Also note that there is no cover for transactions below 100 dollars in value effected using a credit card.

3.   Have a travel insurance cover that has End Supplier failure

While this is a somewhat new concept, it comes with many benefits including enabling you to be covered in the event that some aspects of your holiday go wrong leaving you with additional costs or irrecoverable losses while sorting out your travel plans. Always buy a policy with this kind of cover even while booking a package because these policies cover every other little piece that come with holidaying such as car parking that are often overlooked. 


Ever since travel agents and Tour Operators went online, some unscrupulous supermarket kind holiday websites have come up under various enticing names and guises, wrongly claiming to provide huge and varied package ranges. Such holiday websites are merely virtual doorways, with absolutely no actual products and no background in travel. You will be rightly disappointed to visit their local store only to find that they online market products with no expressed right to handle real transactions and hence no assurance for quality of their packages. So, always do sufficient research to establish the credibility of your travel supermarket to avoid future regrets.


Travel supermarkets are the best way of ensuring a tress free travel anywhere all over the world. By opting for services of a reputable travel agent, you stand to reap heavily in terms of money savings, guarantees, refunds-in case something goes wrong-spending time in the most interesting of places while travelling and much more. Transfer your travel worries and hassles to the experts and be assured of a travel of a lifetime. 


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