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Asiana Airlines

Full Service Carrier
Average passenger rating : 4/5  Rating criteria
<p style="text-align:justify;">Asiana Airlines commenced operations as Seoul Air International operating only domestic flights in December 1988, the year Seoul held the Olympic Games. It commenced international operations in 1989 and joined the Star Alliance in 2003, fourteen years later. In 2006, it underwent a modernization, updating its aircraft interior, staff uniforms and livery. It currently has 76 aircraft serving 80 cities in 23 countries.

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Asiana on board chef in Business Class Picture: Asiana
Asiana A330 Picture: Asiana
Asiana First Class Picture: Asiana
Asiana long haul Economy Class Picture: Facebook/Asiana
Asiana Business Class Picture: Facebook/Asiana
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Customer Reviews

"Good Airline"

Good Services provided by this airline. The food is also good.


Rating Criteria

1 Star = Appalling don't risk your life

2 Stars = Better than riding a donkey

3 Stars = Not bad I can't wait till I can fly business class

4 Stars = Enjoyed the flight and would recommend to my friends & family

5 Stars = Excellent flight, next best thing to a private jet

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