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Aeroflot is the Russian national flag carrier airline. It was founded in 1923, under the Lenin Government and subsequently achieved worldwide fame and became the target of many jokes internationally as it sought to catch up with international safety standards. Naturally, because of the regime in place in Russia until the late 1970s, its practise was severely restricted – mostly limited to other communist regime countries in Africa, the USSR, Central and South America and South East Asia. However, in the 1970s, as the government began to loosen its travel restrictions on its citizens (which occurred, in fact, because of a seized airliner attempt by “refuseniks” in 1970), Aeroflot was able to expand its network to include non-communist countries and began trade routes with several countries in Europe, Asia, China and America. This in turn made it one of the world’s largest airlines – fitting given the size of the country and its relative economic power at the time. In 1989, it became the first Russian airline company to the International Transport Association (IATA) and came under the control of the Russian government after the disbandment of the USSR. The airline will launch a low cost carrier in 2014 to compete with other low cost carriers, including Ryanair, which has just begun operations in Russia.

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