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Aerocaribbean is certainly “one to watch” in the coming years, now that the United States government has lifted its 50-year old trade embargo with Cuba. This airline stands to be one of the big winners in terms of passenger and cargo volumes transported between the newly friendly nations. The airline was established in 1982 as a complementary addition to Cubana, the only existing Cuban airline at the time. At that time, it was called Empresa Aero (something close to “Airline Company”) and was operating out of Havana international airport (still its operational base). Until now, the airline has primarily operated asa tourist airline, focusing on charter flights but this may change once business opportunities open up with NAFTA countries like the United States and Canada. It currently flies to several destinations on the Island of Cuba, other islands in the Caribbean and Guatemala in Central America. Its safety record is abysmal, having recorded two crashes between 1992 and 2010, bringing its total fatality count to 102 people.

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