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Aero Mongolia is a relatively late arrive on the international airlines scene, having only been established 14 years ago in 2001. Its first flights followed shortly after in 2003. Interestingly, the airline has opted against Russian or Chinese Aircraft, despite sharing a border with both countries. It has twelve domestic locations and a few international locations, including nearby Irkutsk in Russia (just on the other side of Lake Baikal) as well as Honhot and Urumqi in China. Despite having a population of less than 2.5 million people, Mongolia has quite an active aerospace and Aero Mongolia isn’t the only airline operating in the country. In such a competitive environment, the company’s management decided to introduce a frequent-flyer program, SKYMILES, shortly after beginning operations. This is not the only area where its management has been active – it has also taken several actions to strengthen corporate governance, stabilize the firm’s financial capacity and to ensure flight safety. Despite these actions, the airline has been grounded twice since 2008 for concerns about its safety standards. As of 2014, however, it has not had any casualties on any of its flights – a sterling record.

Aero Mongolia Picture: Facebook/Aero Mongolia
Aero Mongolia Picture: Facebook/Aero Mongolia
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