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Aero Contractors is a Nigerian state-owned airline, which was formed in 1959 by a Dutch airline company, Schreiner Airways B.V. The airline was founded to cater for increasing traffic between the Netherland, London and Nigeria due to Shell’s presence in Nigeria’s delta basin. In the 1970s, it was the subject of populist Nigerian government policies which decreed that each company present in Nigeria had to have a certain percentage (40%) of shares, held by Nigerian citizens. This law, known as the Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decree of 1977 (and sometimes referred to as “the indigenization decree”) was anticipate by the firm in advance, which sold off 60% of its outstanding shares to Nigerians in 1975-1976. The 60% share was held by a wealthy Nigerian family, the Ibru Family, who still held 60%, even after the remaining shares were sold off to CHC Helicopter, a Canadian Helicotper Manufacturer, in 2004. However, further political intervention in 2013 by the Nigerian Government meant that they took over all of the shares in Aero, through the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and named Huge Fraser as its new CEO.

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