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Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline, coming from a country more typically associated with naval ships. It was founded in 1987 but as a result of economic and political delays, scheduled passenger services did not begin until twelve years later in 1999, with the help of EU funding. It merged with Olympic Airlines after the global financial crisis and a result of increasing pressure for airlines to find scale. Its main hubs are all in Greece and Cyprus, being Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki and Larnaca in Cyprus. The decision to create a base in Cyprus sprung out of the fact that Cyprus Airlines was closed by a ruling handed down by the European Commission and Aegean Airlines decided to fill the gap in the market created by the decision. Previously, Aegean Airlines had tried to consolidate its operations after the Olympic merger by trying to acquire Cyprus Airlines in 2014. It began a partnership with Lufthansa AG in 2005, before ultimately joining the international airline alliance, the Star Alliance five years later in 2010. 2014 was the first full post-merger year after the deal with Olympic and the early signs of a positive future are present, with 10 million passengers flying with the airline in one year – a new landmark.

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