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Adria was founded in 1961 in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana and began long haul international fights just three short years later. When the Republic of Slovenia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, it was grounded for 3 months for political and other reasons. However, as the debris of the political conflict cleared, its services were slowly resumed. These began with a shift from charter routes to scheduled services in 1992. At the time, many Adria aircraft were leased from aircraft leasing companies as demand (in Europe in general) was low among passengers. In 1996, the firm became fully nationalized as the Slovenian government took hold of 100% of its share capital. The company continued to grow until , like many international airlines, its long haul services were reduced after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Aircraft Manufacturer Bombardier Canada selected Adria as its first European heavy maintenance facility for its aircraft and shortly afterwards, Adria joined the Star Alliance in 2004. Slovenia’s entry to the EU has meant increased travel between Slovenia and other countries, which has been a boon to Adria. Most of its routes remain short-haul, primarily in Europe, as the small former Eastern Bloc country’s national flag carrier airline.

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